Converting YOUR Waste-to-Energy:  Wellesley Trucking is helping to make our environment a cleaner, safer, and more inhabitable place for the future by not only offering various recycling programs but also disposing of your waste at Waste-to-Energy facilities and not landfills.  Waste-to-Energy facilities offer a safe, technologically advanced means of waste disposal while also generating clean, renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supports recycling through the recovery of metals from your waste.  Convert your waste into Clean Renewable Energy and call us today!

Converting Waste-to-Energy Process

  1. The waste is transferred to a combustion chamber where self-sustaining combustion is maintained at extremely high temperatures.
  2. The heat from the combustion process boils water.
  3. The steam from the boiling water drives a turbine that generates electricity.
  4. Electricity is distributed to the local grid.
  5. All gases are collected, filtered and cleaned before being emitted into the atmosphere. Gas is managed from the combustion process with state-of-the-art air pollution control technology that operates to state and federal standards.
  6. Metal is extracted from ash and is Recycled.

Landfills are a huge problem:  Landfills release the potent greenhouse gas methane from decomposing trash and carbon emissions from the transportation methods used in the long-distance shipping of trash to open landfills.  Many communities are currently dealing with leakage from closed landfills, and high levels of methane emissions often make landfills dangerous and difficult places to redevelop.